Callum Savard


Archetype: Dexterity Based Fighter
Refresh: 3


  • High Concept: Exiled Revolutionary
  • Trouble: Distaste for Authority Figures

Ability Scores

Strength: Average( +1 )
Dexterity: Fair( +2 )
Constitution: Average ( +1 )
Intelligence: Mediocre ( +0 )
Wisdom: Fair ( +2 )
Charisma: Good ( +3 )


Combat Panache (Charisma): When attacking with a precision melee weapon such as a rapier, foil, or dagger, you may use Charisma rather than Strength

Contacts(Charisma): Once per session you may declare you have a local contact. That can help with a current issue.


Armor: Light
Weapon: Ancestral Dueling Blade, see extra.

Magic Item

Ancestral Dueling Blade

A razor thin blade embossed with golden ivy and hilt made in the shape of clinging Ivy.

Aspect: My Ancestors guide my Blade.


Ancestral Dueling Blade(Dexterity): You carry the dueling rapier that your mother carried, and her mother before her; any elf in this part of the world would recognize this elegant weapon You gain +2 to Dexterity-based attacks when fighting a single opponent


Abridged History

Callum was born to a minor noble house as the youngest he wasn’t in danger of inheriting lands or even a title. So when the revolution happened Callum thought he had nothing to lose, he was wrong.

The Night of Fire and Freedom went well, Callum fought bravely and the Crown ran into the night. However the new Parliament required more work than Callum hoped and he left the effort to those better suited.

Callum was not there for the Crowns return. He was warming the bed of a lover when the news came. He grabbed what he had nearby and fled into the night . Callum hopped a ship headed out and found himself at Freeport. The Crown of the Eleven empire did not have many tendrils in Freeport so it was a safe enough place to plan his next move.

Callum Savard

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