Lars Bankhoffer

Diviner navigator with big debts.


Archetype: Wizard, diviner
Refresh: 3


  • High Concept : Wizard Trained Navigator.
  • Trouble: Angry Creditors

Ability Scores

Strength: Mediocre (+ 0)
Dexterity: Fair (+ 2)
Constitution: Average (+ 1)
Intelligence: Good (+ 3)
Wisdom: Average (+ 1)
Charisma: Fair (+ 2)


Third Human From The Left (Charisma): As a human in Freeport, you’re one of many thousands, and people (even other humans) tend to see you as nobody in particular. You gain a +2 to all Charisma-based overcome obstacle or gain an advantage attempts to blend into crowds or otherwise remain inconspicuous

Seer(Magic): Seers hold a respectable place in the Wizard’s Guild, even if not everyone fully accepts the validity of the art. Seers gain access to the “divination” school; choose three spells from that school when you select this stunt.

Navigator(Intelligence): Using int to overcome actions having to do with ship navigation you get a +2


Armor: None
Weapon: Saber


Physical: 3
Mental :3


Detect Magic(Divination, Trickster): When you cast Detect Magic, you become aware of all magically-generated situation aspects in your zone.

Fortune(Divination, Cost, Per Session): You may perform a prediction ritual (describe yours – runecasting, reading tea leaves, crystal gazing, divination cards, etc.) You glean some insight into the future represented by three boosts you or allies may spend; these boosts persist until they are spent, or you cast this spell again. This spell requires several minutes to cast, usually an entire scene, rather than just one action.

Arcane Sight (Divination, Cost, Persistent,Per Scene, Requires Detect Magic or Detect Impurity): Arcane sight allows you to see through many illusions. You may ignore one situation aspect created by illusion spells.

Magic Item

Enchanted Astrolabe

Lars got this from a dealer at a seaside town who did not realize what he had. It carries a series of minor enchantments on it that allow it to navigate easier.

Aspect: Blessed by Men of Gozreh.


Abridged History

Lars was born to a merchant house, however he always dreamed of being a wizard. When Lars came of age he applied to the local guild, and things went downhill from there. Lars borrowed money from Caroline DuMond , an eleven noblewoman with some shipping interests, to cover expenses and she wanted returns.

Unfortunately for Lars There was a large and talented class that year. Lars himself didn’t lack talent, but there weren’t that many available mentors. This fate, while not uncommon stalled Lars learning. Caroline would not approve, she was sending correspondence saying she had to pull back his funding until Lars could provide a return on her investment.

While in a tavern thinking bout his next move Lars overheard a conversation. A captain he knew, James Moore. Old James was in a pickle he needed a navigator, the last one was hired aboard an eleven ship. Lars knew enough about the stars to fake it, combined with his novice magic he was able to plot courses with expert skill.

After the ship made port in Freeport the captain released the crew. He had some business to take care of, and was planning on rehiring for the next voyage. Now with a bit of coin and time you enter Freeport.

Lars Bankhoffer

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