Archetype: Bard
Refresh: 3


  • High Concept: Divine Courtesan of Shelyn
  • Trouble: I must defend the Beauty of the World

Ability Scores

Strength: Mediocre( +0 )
Dexterity: Fair( +2 )
Constitution: Average ( +1 )
Intelligence: Average( +1 )
Wisdom: Fair ( +2 )
Charisma: Good ( +3 )


Striking Appearance (Charisma) : You gain a +2 bonus to Charisma-based attempts to create an advantage when making an impression on someone you’ve just met.

Trickster: From bards using spectacle to gain fame, to anonymous con men trying to stay that way, a wide variety of people benefit from the subtle magic of tricksters. You gain access to the “trickster” keyword, and may select three spells with that keyword.

Accomplished Spellcaster:Select three spells from any schools you have access to, provided you have the prerequisite spells.


Armor: Light
Weapon: Longsword of Shelyn,See Extra


Physical [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental [ ] [ ] [ ]

h3, Magic Items

Longsword of Shelyn

A beautiful piece of craftsmanship with a peacock head pommel with multicolor leather strips entwined along the grip flowing into the cross guard. An exquisites blade with inlaid stained glass.

Aspects: Made by Shelyn’s divine craftsmen.


Detect Magic(Divination, Trickster): When you cast Detect Magic, you become aware of all magically-generated situation aspects in your zone.

Charm(Enchantment, Trickster, Persistent): Choose a target in your zone. Make an Overcome action, your Charisma vs. target’s Intelligence. If successful, this allows you to place one of the following aspects on another character: Easily Influenced, Drowsy, Distracted.

You can invoke this once for free, twice if your Overcome action succeeds with style. The
same character may not be targeted by this spell more than once in a scene. Depending
on its use, this spell might be an infraction.

Grant Emotion (Enchantment, Trickster, Cost, Persistent, Requires Charm): Cast this spell on a willing target in your zone. That target chooses one of the following benefits:

  • Courage: May ignore aspects related to fear or despair.
  • Serenity: May ignore aspects related to confusion or anger.

Idiocy(Enchantment, Persistent): Select a target in your zone. Make an Make an Overcome action, your Charisma vs. the target’s Intelligence. If successful, reduce the target’s Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma skills by 1 for the remainder of the scene (or until the spell is dispelled). Success with Style reduces them by 2. The target’s mental stress track is unaffected

Provoke Emotion(Enchantment, Trickster, Persistent, Requires Charm): Select a target in your zone. Make an Overcome action, your Charisma vs. the target’s Intelligence. If successful, choose an aspect from this list to the target: Crushing Despair, Crippling Terror,Burning Rage, or devise your own based on a powerful emotion. The aspect may be invoked once for free, twice if you succeed with style. Depending on its use, this spell might be an infraction.


Before her awakening Noevaeh was a temple prostitute and lorekeeper for the order of the Divine Magpies. Her order had the misfortune to be placed in the line of the eleven
revolution. Noevaeh heard the Eleven Crown was in town having been disposed. Some eleven sisters came after the Night of Fire and Freedom. They were given refuge and duties within the order.

Soon the Crown returned with a fiery vengeance. Noevaeh never found out what what exactly happened however dwarven mercenaries stormed the monastery and raised it.
Noevaeh hid as the men attacked the order were courtesan and artists not warriors. After the fire Noevaeh felt divine power flow through her. In the wreckage Noevaeh found a beautiful sword forged of melted metal and stained glass. Seeing a sign she took it and began traveling. She now finds herself in freeport, the city of Adventure.


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