Sabin Duuchin

A wandering mercenary haunted by his past.


Archetype: Monk battle priest
Refresh: 3


  • High Concept: Warrior Poet of Irori
  • Trouble: Haunted by Hellfire

Ability Scores

Strength: Good ( +3 )
Dexterity: Average ( +1 )
Constitution: Fair ( +2 )
Intelligence: Mediocre ( +0 )
Wisdom: Average ( +1 )
Charisma: Fair ( +1 )


Tiger Rends the Flesh (Strength): When you tie on an attack using Strength for defense you inflict 3 stress instead of the usual 1.

Lightning Strikes Without Pause (Dexterity):Gain a +2 bonus to when determining turn order.

Battle Priest (Magic): Battle priests enforce the will of their gods with the sword. They generally use a mix of spells that enhance and heal themselves and their allies. You gain access to the “healing” and “prayer” schools, and may select two spells with those keywords.


Armor: Light(Leather)
Weapons: Short Staff


Physical: 3
Mental: 3


Bless(Prayer, Cost): You can call upon your deity for aid and assistance. You may create an advantage with wisdom against passive opposition (see below) representing the blessing of your deity.

When you cast this spell, you may designate up to five other individuals to receive this blessing; they each get any free invocations you grant, but they’re each subject to any negative effects should you fail. When you create a blessing, you roll against a passive opposition of Average (+1) if you’re only affecting yourself and up to one other; add 1 to the opposition for each recipient beyond that.

Holy Water(Prayer, Per Session (special), Permanent): You start every session with a vial of Holy Water. This holy water is a boost that lasts until you use it or until the end of the session, whichever comes first.

In addition to the normal ways you can use a boost, you may use your boost to make a Wisdom attack against an undead or demonic creature in your zone (or holy creature, if your own god isn’t on the side of the angels), opposed by the target’s Constitution. Any stress you deal is both mental and physical in equal measure.

You can create additional bottles of holy water during a game session given sufficient down time; each bottle costs you a fate point. They only function in the hands of someone devoted to your deity

Magic Item

Seal of the Eleven Crown

This was awarded to the mercenaries who helped the king return to his throne. Any who swear fealty to the Eleven Crown will recognize and respect anyone who carries this seal.

Aspect: Power of the Eleven Crown


Abridged History

It was supposed to be an easy job. Some eleven noble needed men to put the peasantry back in place. There had been rumblings in elf lands for awhile now, the nobles needed men to keep the order. So this call seemed no different at first. Then you saw the armies.

Hardened men, dwarfs, and heavy dwarven siege engines. This was not a simple rag tag force meant to squash peasants who were out of line this was a martial force. The opposition was not a motley group of peasants. They were dug in and ready to fight to the death, a bloody death.

The opposition was exterminated, Sabin waltzed through blood and fire that night. A dance that he replays every night in his dreams.

Sabin Duuchin

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