Theo Tourville


Archetype: Cleric buffing specialist
Refresh: 3


  • High Concept: Mystic of the Goddess Sarenrae
  • Trouble: “I’ll explain it, again”

Ability Scores

Strength: Mediocre(+ 0)
Dexterity: Fair (+ 2)
Constitution: Average (+ 1)
Intelligence: Average (+ 1)
Wisdom: Good (+ 3)
Charisma: Fair (+ 2)


Blessed Healer (Magic):Blessed healers bring the mercy of their gods to Freeport, providing protection and healing to those that need it. They gain access to the “healing” and “abjuration” schools, and may select two spells with those keywords.

Manipulator (Magic):The Manipulator isn’t satisfied with the world as it is, and has the means to change it. You gain access to the “transmutation” schools. Select three spells with that keyword.

Do you know who I am? (Charisma): you get a +2 to overcome actions when your noble rank is relevant.


Armor: Chain (Medium), Shield
Weapon: Scimitar


Physical: 3
Mental: 4


Arcane Armor(Abjuration, Cost, Persistent): Choose a target, either you or a willing ally in your zone. The spell reduces the effect of successful physical attacks against the target by 2

Cure Light Wounds (Healing, Cost): You can close minor cuts and bruises with a touch and promote faster healing. You may touch someone and allow them to clear all of their physical stress

Knock (Transmutation, Trickster, Cost): You can attempt to open a lock. The overcome roll is your charisma +2 vs. the standard difficulty to pick the lock, or the caster’s charisma +2 roll if it’s magically sealed (see spell “Seal” below).

Power (Transmutation, Prayer, Cost, Persistent): You or a willing ally in your zone gains +1 to Strength. Multiple castings of Power on the same target in the same scene do not stack.

Grace (Transmutation, Prayer, Cost, Persistent): You or a willing ally in your zone gains +1 to Dexterity. Multiple castings of Grace on the same target in the same scene do not stack.

Magic Item

Purse of endless coin

The enchanted purse given to Theo by his parents as he ran from the failed revolution, a little bit of magic stored for a rainy day. It is meant help Theo get far away for the revolutionaries.

Aspect: Boundless Bounty Bound in Bovine.


Abridged History

Theo was born to privilege and power, to a minor noble family. His family was one of the ones that backed the revolution to overthrow the king. After The Crown of the Eleven Kingdom ran into the Night of Fire and Freedom. Theo was an educated man and well spoken. He was able to see past the chaos to a better government.

A month or two into the new Parliament barley a blink in eleven time the Crown returned. Backed by foreign mercenaries and dwarven war machines. The new Parliament was barley a government it could not rally an army soon enough to stop the steamroller of steel, fire, and death.

The Crown ordered the organizers hanged. Facing martyrdom or exile Theo fled with his parents blessings. Now Theo finds himself in Freeport wondering what to do next.

Theo Tourville

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