Arcane Shield(Abjuration, Cost, Persistent): Add your Intelligence to your Dexterity when defending against attacks that cause physical stress.

Arcane Armor(Abjuration, Cost, Persistent): Choose a target, either you or a willing ally in your zone. The spell reduces the effect of successful physical attacks against the target by 2.

Endure Elements(Abjuration, Cost, Persistent): Weather-related situation aspects may not be used against you or your allies in your zone.

Fortress of the Mind (Enchantment, Abjuration, Cost, Persistent, Requires Mind Shield): As with Mind Shield, but you may designate up to four willing creatures in your zone (may include yourself ) that benefit. Multiple castings of this spell or combinations with Mind Shield do not stack.

Lightning Shield (Evocation, Abjuration, Persistent, Per Scene): Spend an action to activate this spell. Once per scene, if you defend against a melee attack and you succeed with style, you may forgo your boost and instead cause 2 shifts of physical stress against your attacker.

Mass Arcane Shield (Abjuration, Cost, Persistent, Requires Arcane Shield): As Arcane Shield, but can also protect up to two willing allies who stand with you—they add your Intelligence to their Dexterity when defending against physical attacks. The effects of this spell do not stack with other castings of Arcane Shieldor Mass Arcane Shield.

Mind Shield(Enchantment, Abjuration, Cost, Persistent, Requires Charm): Spend an action to activate this spell. Once active, you gain a +2 to oppose enchantment and illusion spells this scene. Multiple castings of this spell do not stack with one another.

Sphere of Force (Abjuration, Cost, Persistent, Requires Wall of Force and Mass Arcane Shield): Create a spherical barrier of pure force large enough to encircle you and up to four nearby allies. No matter can penetrate the sphere (mental magic, light, heat, and such can), thus it protects you from physical attacks. Sound can penetrate, but is muffled and distorted. Be warned: It places the aspects Limited Airand Bunched Upon you and your protected allies, which may be compelled or invoked against you.

Wall of Force(Abjuration, Cost, Persistent, Requires Arcane Shield): Create a barrier of pure force between adjacent zones. No ranged physical attacks can penetrate that barrier, but magical attacks might. In addition, any creature who tries to pass through the wall must overcome a Great (+4) obstacle as an action to do so, unless you choose to let them through. Creatures might find a way around the barrier; this is left to the discretion of the GM and players


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