Though there are myriad different kinds of armor in Freeport, the rules only draw distinctions between four broad categories: light, medium, and heavy armor, and shields.

Light Armor

Light armor provides little protection but doesn’t restrict your movement or weigh you down overmuch. Padded suits and leathers are the most common sorts of light armor. When you wear light armor, it counts as an aspect. You get to invoke it once for free per session while you wear it. The GM can compel light armor when you’re trying to hide it under your clothing, when it gets soaked through (and heavy), or when heat is a factor.

Medium Armor

Medium armor includes things like chain mail or ring mail, or a simple breast plate. It provides a bit more protection than light armor does, but comes with more restriction on your movement, more noise, and less mobility. Medium armor is an aspect like light armor, but you can invoke it twice for free per session. The GM can compel it under the same situations as light armor, as well as when stealth is important, when you’re trying to swim, or when you’re running for a long time.

Heavy Armor

Heavy armor provides the best protection, but is also the weightiest and most restrictive of armors. Plate mail is the quintessential example of heavy armor. Like light and medium armor, heavy armor is an aspect; you can invoke it three times per session for free. The GM can compel it in all the same situation is as light and medium armor, but she can also compel it whenever you have to move quickly or dodge, or when you have to go unnoticed in a crowd.

Proofed Armor

Proofed armor has been shown to be effective against small firearms (sidearms and longarms). It’s fantastically expensive and rare. Only medium and heavy armor can be proofed. Not even proofed armor can help you against cannonfire or swivel guns.


Shields are big slabs of metal or wood that you hold in your off-hand and use to block attacks. Unless unusually thick and heavy, shields aren’t typically infective against gunfire. A shield is an aspect, and you can invoke it once per scene for free. The GM can compel it whenever you have to do something with both hands, or with your off-hand.


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