Curse of Bound Fortunes (Curse, Cost, Per Scenario, Corrupting, Requires two other curses): You may bind another’s fate to your own. Touch another person (which may require an attack, if they’re actively avoiding you) and take a severe consequence representing the fact that their fate is bound to yours. The consequence never heals unless you allow it to, and as soon as you wish to recover from it, you do immediately. As long as you have that consequence, whenever you take stress, a consequence, are taken out, or are subject to a deleterious aspect placed upon you, your victim is subject to it in equal measure. For example, if somebody gives you a Leg Woundor you are Disarmed, your victim suffers from the same condition.

They may recover from such conditions on their own, but if this spell fills a consequence slot that is already full for your victim, that consequence slot rolls up to the next highest slot. This is a one-way affliction; if your victim suffers from an effect on their own, you do not suffer from the same effect. This spell is a major infraction.

Curse of Withering (Curse, Cost, Per Session, Corrupting, Requires two other curse spells): You may afflict a person with a magical wasting disease. Choose a target in your zone and make an Overcome action, your Charisma versus the target’s Constitution. If you succeed with style, they take a severe consequence representing your wasting disease; if their severe consequence is already full, they must take an extreme consequence or be taken out. If you succeed, the consequence is moderate instead. If you tie, it is a mild consequence. If you fail, you both take a moderate consequence. This spell is a major infraction.

Evil Eye(Necromancy, Curse, Cost): You can affix a person with such a baleful glare that it prevents them from doing anything but cowering. You can use Charisma +2 to create an Terrified advantage on a person (opposed by their Intelligence), provided you can see each other and you make eye contact with them. You can compel this aspect (using fate points or free invocations) to do one of the following, depending on what kind of character you’re affecting:

  • Nameless NPC: You may take the NPC out; they flee in abject terror.
  • Other NPC: They must do nothing but cower (they can still defend themselves) unless they choose to take a 2-stress mental hit.
  • PC: They can act as they wish, provided they obey the spirit of the compel. They can avoid this by taking a 2-stress mental hit.

Ill Fortune(Curse, Trickster, Persistent): You can affect the luck of another creature, causing it to suffer all manner of minor misfortunes. You can use Charisma (opposed by the target’s Wisdom) to create an Ill Fortunead vantage against anyone in your zone or an adjacent zone, provided you can see them and they can see you.

Stroke of Misfortune(Curse, Corrupting, Requires Ill Fortune): You can arrange another person’s fate such that something very bad happens to them. Choose a creature with one of your Ill Fortuneaspects; you must be able to seethem. Invoke the aspect (you must spend a fate point or use a free invocation) to make a Charisma attack against them with the normal +2 bonus you get with an aspect invocation; the attack is usually opposed by Dexterity, but Wisdom can be used if avoiding it depends on awareness rather than reflexes. This attack might come in the form of a falling tree, a floorboard giving way under them, a stray arrow, or any number of other, unfortunate happenings. The attack does physical damage. Remove the aspect after you make the attack. This spell is a minor infraction.


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