Arcane Sight (Divination, Cost, Persistent, Per Scene, Requires Detect Magicor Detect Impurity): Arcane sight allows you to see through many illusions. You may ignore one situation aspect created by illusion spells.

Clairvoyance(Divination, Cost, Persistent, Requires Arcane Sightand two other divination spells): Choose a location you can see or is well known to you. For the rest of the scene, you can see or hear (not both) activity in that location as if you were there.

Detect Impurity(Divination): When you cast Detect Impurity, you can tell whether a quantity of food or drink in your presence is poisoned, tainted with disease, or contains some other dangerous substance, making it unfit to consume.

Detect Magic(Divination, Trickster): When you cast Detect Magic, you become aware of all magically-generated situation aspects in your zone.

Farseeing(Divination, Cost, Persistent, Requires Clairvoyance): Similar to clairvoyance, but rather instead of a location, you can spy on a particular creature or person well known to you, or for whom you have a physical token (a lock of hair, a drop of blood, etc.) Most casters using this spell require a crystal ball, a mirror, a silver bowl, or some similar scrying device.

Fortune(Divination, Cost, Per Session): You may perform a prediction ritual (describe yours – runecasting, reading tea leaves, crystal gazing, divination cards, etc.) You glean some insight into the future represented by three boosts you or allies may spend; these boosts persist until they are spent, or you cast this spell again. This spell requires several minutes to cast, usually an entire scene, rather than just one action.

Locate Object (Divination, Trickster, Cost, Persistent, Requires Detect Magicor Detect Impurity): This spell allows you to sense the direction to a well-known object. It can be general (find the nearest fresh water) or specific (find the treasure map those thieves stole from me).

Telepathy(Divination, Cost, Persistent, Requires Clairvoyance): This spell allows you to establish a telepathic link with another creature well known to you, allowing you to mentally communicate. The target must be a willing, intelligent creature.

True Sight(Divination, Cost, Persistent, Per Scene, Requires Arcane Sightand two other divination spells): You may ignore all situation aspects created by illusion spells.


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