Drac's End

Drac’s End is the home of the working poor in Freeport. Often times those from the Merchant District sliding inevitably to Scurvytown. Those that stay find a strong scene of community among those trying to make a better life.

Also planted among the honest men among freebooters is the Freeport Institute founded by Professor Mandarus Whitmire. To shine a bit of light into the darkness where it’s
most needed.

Who’s Who

  • Mrs. Miggins
    • Irene Miggins is one of the best known faces in the better parts of Tent Town. is heerful, middle-aged woman does her best to look after the transients and poor families living rough in Drac’s End; she organizes communal cooking facilities, gives shelter to children in her large, dry tent and gives what she can spare to those with nothing.
  • Sparrow
    • Leader of the Salt Guls a gang of unemployed gathered together for mutual defense.
  • Gaius
    • The main muscle of the Salt Guls
  • Oskar Broadhammer
    • Oskar Broadhammer has been a miner, sailor, stonemason, and blacksmith at various times in his life, but now he fnds other people to do manual labor. Anyone who needs a crew to unload a ship, build a house, or excavate a drain comes to Oskar, who (for a fee) finds day laborers and workers from the folks of the Cluster or the transients of Tent Town. Oskar travels throughout Drac’s End every day, recruiting and hiring, and keeping an eye open for new faces with new skills.
  • Bill Sangapulatele
    • Bill Sangapulatele is a large, broad shouldered man with the features typical of southern islanders. He comes across as a very calm and balanced person. He is capable of great violence when necessary but tries to avoid incidents. He is very generous, especially with friends, and even potential customers will get small trinkets. He does not speak much, but when he does, he quickly gets to the point. He is friendly and smiles a lot

Drac's End

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