Overcome actions for illusions are the caster’s Charisma vs. target’s Wisdom, unless otherwise specified.

Disguise(Illusion, Trickster, Persistent): You gain a +2 to any attempt to create an advantage related to disguising a person or item.

Illusory Decoy(Illusion, Persistent, Requires Minor Illusion): You may cast this spell once per scene. Once cast, an illusory “copy” of yourself appears a few feet away from you. If an opponent lands a successful physical attack against you, you may spend a fate point to negate the attack, as if it hit the decoy instead. Once used in this manner, the spell dissipates. Some divination spells may negate the effectiveness of this spell.

Impersonate(Illusion, Cost, Persistent, Requires Disguise): You can achieve a disguise that makes your physical appearance and voice (or that of a willing ally) match a particular person in almost every detail. The voice and appearance of the subject of your impersonation must be well known to you. If someone interacts with the impersonator who is also familiar with the subject, they get an opportunity to resist your attempt – that’s when you must make an Overcome action, your Charisma +2 vs. the observer’s Wisdom.

Invisibility(Illusion, Cost, Persistent, Requires Minor Illusion): You render yourself or a willing ally invisible (acquiring the aspect “Invisible”). The spell does nothing to mask any sounds you make.

Major Illusion (Illusion, Cost, Persistent, Requires Minor Illusionand one other illusion spell): Describe a phantom image and sound that you create. All creatures that can see or hear the illusion make a Wisdom roll vs. your Charisma +2 (you use the same roll for all). Choose an aspect that all creatures who fail their roll are affected by: Surprised, Afraid, Confused, Distracted.

Minor Illusion(Illusion, Trickster, Persistent): You make an overcome roll: caster’s Charisma +2 vs. observer’s Wisdom. If you succeed, you create a phantom image or sound that one creature in your zone can sense. Choose one of the following aspects: Distracted,Surprised, Confused. You can invoke this once for free, or twice if your overcome action succeeds with style.

Veil(Illusion, Cost, Persistent, Requires Impersonate and Major Illusion): Like Impersonate, but veils a group of up to four people.


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