Call Mist (Transmutation, Nature, Trickster, Cost): You fill the zone you’re currently in with fog, applying the situation aspect Thick Fogto the zone. (Also, the temperature in the zone chills noticeably!) You & your allies gain two free invocations on the aspect.

Control Weather(Transmutation, Nature, Cost, Persistent, Requires Call Mistand four other transmutation or three other nature spells): Your current zone, and all zones in the vicinity, are affected by the same weather-related aspect of your choice; you and your allies gain two free invocations of this aspect.

Lightning Storm(Nature, Cost, Per Session, Persistent, Requires two other nature spells): You call forth a storm of lightning. Once per session, create a Lightning Stormthat affects the entire scene. Wind, rain, darkness, and bolts of lightning plague the area at your direction. You can tell the storm to attack a particular target; doing so is a Wisdom attack at +2 vs. the target’s Dexterity, causing physical damage. The target need not be in your zone. On any exchange in which you do not attack with the lightning storm, the GM is free to compel the aspect against you or one of your allies.

Nature’s Aspect(Nature, Cost, Per Scene, Persistent): Whether you’re granting someone a bull’s strength or a fox’s cunning, you can channel the essence of a creature into a person. Once per scene, you can touch a person and grant them nature’s aspect. Talk about what creature they’re getting the essence of and give them a new aspect based on that (such as Bull’s Strengthor Owl’s Wisdom). The recipient can invoke that aspect once for free. In addition, choose an appropriate skill that reflects that creature’s essence. If the recipient’s skill is not already higher, it becomes Good (+3). These effects last for the duration of the scene.

Summon Nature’s Ally(Nature, Summoning, Cost, Per Scene, Persistent): When you call to the wild, it answers. Once per scene, you can summon a natural creature from the surrounding area to aid you and even fight alongside you.

Wall of Wind(Nature, Cost, Persistent): You can create a nearly solid wall of pure wind between two adjacent zones to protect you and your allies. The wall blocks most missile weapons, like arrows, bolts, gunfire, or sling stones, though very large missiles (swivel guns, cannon fire, etc.) or magical projectiles might still be able to make it through. In addition, anyone who tries to pass through the wind wall must overcome a Fair (+2) obstacle as an action to do so, unless you choose to let them through.


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