Physical descriptions of Nocturnal are difficult to come by, as it is described as being hidden by darkness and shadow, never fully seen. If it has a gender or a physical appearance beyond shadowy vaguely humanoid it hasn’t shown it.

It’s spheres are night, darkness, secrets, shadows, transgression of boundaries, mysteries and luck.

An embodiment of the unknown, unfathomable and enigmatic, usually not harmful or violent.

It’s a patron of the disaffected and those that rely on secrecy and hiding. It protects people who need to go unnoticed, those that need to keep secrets or find them.

Nocturnal is as much a patron and protector of the homeless and disaffected as thieves and spies, maybe even more so since the homeless have their invisibility forced on them by society and need more help navigating it. Nocturnal’s shadow hides them from those who would harm them.

Hence the blessing and greeting of the faithful “Shadow Hide You”


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