Banish(Prayer, Cost, Per Scenario, Requires two other prayers): With a word, you can cast creatures back to their home planes. Choose an extraplanar target that’s been summoned to your plane that’s in your zone or an adjacent zone. You take an Overcome action (your Charisma vs. the target’s Charisma). If you succeed with style, the creature is immediately banished to its home plane, and cannot return for a year and a day. Otherwise, resolve the action as an attack that causes mental stress.

Bless(Prayer, Cost): You can call upon your deity for aid and assistance. You may create an advantage with Wisdom against passive opposition (see below) representing the blessing of your deity. When you cast this spell, you may designate up to five other individuals to receive this blessing; they each get any free invocations you grant, but they’re each subject to any negative effects should you fail. When you create a blessing, you roll against a passive opposition of Average (+1) if you’re only affecting yourself and up to one other; add 1 to the opposition for each recipient beyond that.

Holy Water(Prayer, Per Session (special), Permanent): You start every session with a vial of Holy Water. This holy water is a boost that lasts until you use it or until the end of the session, whichever comes first. In addition to the normal ways you can use a boost, you may use your boost to make a Wisdom attack against an undead or demonic creature in your zone (or holy creature, if your own god isn’t on the side of the angels), opposed by the target’s Constitution. Any stress you deal is both mental and physical in equal measure. You can create additional bottles of holy water during a game session given sufficient down time; each bottle costs you a fate point. They only function in the hands of someone devoted to your deity.

Might(Transmutation, Prayer, Cost, Persistent, Requires Power): You or a willing ally in your zone is granted a +1 to their Strength score, and acquires the aspect Supernatural Strength with two free invocations. The effects do not stack with additional castings of Power or Might.

Power(Transmutation, Prayer, Cost, Persistent): You or a willing ally in your zone gains +1 to Strength. Multiple castings of Power on the same target in the same scene do not stack.

Remove Curse (Prayer, Cost, Per Session): You can remove malign magics from a cursed person. Touch a willing ally carrying a curse. Either their curse is removed, or the GM will ask you to make an Overcome action (your Wisdom against an opposition of the GM’s choice) to remove the curse.

Spiritual Weapon(Prayer, Cost, Persistent): You can create a weapon of spiritual force that fights for you. You create the weapon in your zone or an adjacent zone. You can move it and attack with it as if it were you, though it performs all actions with your Wisdom. It doesn’t need to stand on solid ground, though it doesn’t fly either; it can hover over water or cross a gap, but it can’t fly straight up to a ledge above. It can’t be attacked. While it exists, you are Distracted.

Turn Undead (Prayer, Cost): The power of your god can repel or destroy undead beings. When you call upon the power of your deity to do so, choose one of the following:

  • Destroy Minor Undead:Make a Charisma attack against all undead nameless NPCs in your zone. Roll your attack once; each nameless undead NPC gives passive opposition equal to its quality. If you succeed with style, they are all destroyed utterly, turning to ash. If you succeed, deal stress normally. If you tie, they have difficulty approaching you; in order to approach you during their next turn, they must each overcome passive opposition equal to the effort on your attack roll. If you fail, your mind touches theirs for the briefest of moments, causing you mental anguish; take 3 mental stress.
  • Repel Greater Undead:Use Charisma to create an advantage against each named undead NPC in your zone; this advantage represents fear, awe, or some other emotion your deity instills within them. Each undead creature resists you separately using its Wisdom as passive opposition, but you only roll once. You can use your free invocations (or fate points) to compel the creatures to be repelled on an individual basis, cowering in fear or moving away from you.
  • Command Undead:Use Charisma to create an advantage against a single undead creature in your zone or an adjacent one. The undead creature resists with its Wisdom, and the advantage represents your hold over the creature. You can use your free invocations (or fate points) to compel the creature to act according to your desires. If you’re playing with corruption rules, using this version of the spell is a corrupting action.


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