There are six skills available in Fate Freeport: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. When you create your character, choose one skill at Good (+ 3), two at Fair (+ 2), two at Average (+ 1), and one at Mediocre (+ 0)—maintaining a pyramid structure of skills is not necessary in Fate Freeport. Player characters (and PC-race NPCs) can’t raise their skills above level 5 in Fate Freeport, although some creatures may have higher skills, especially Strength and Constitution.


Strength rates your raw muscle power. Athletic endeavors like climbing, jumping, and sprinting are usually governed by strength. Attacks made with melee weapons are often resolved with the Strength skill. Hired muscle, soldiers, athletes, laborers, and guards usually have high Strength.

Overcome Obstacle: Strength lets you overcome obstacles by applying straightforward force to them: bending bars, lifting gates, breaking free of ropes, etc. A stunt may let you use Strength to overcome obstacles through overt physical intimidation. Create an Advantage:Use Strength to gain an advantage by applying aspects like Pinned or Held Closed.

Attack: Roll Strength to attack when you attack with a melee weapon or a closed fist with intent to cause injury. Some melee weapons (finesse weapons, see Chapter Threefor details) allow you to use the Dexterity skill instead.

Defend:Roll Strength to defend when you need to resist with brute force, such as in a grapple or holding the line in a shield wall.


Dexterity describes how quick, agile, and graceful you are. Sneaking through a quiet street in the dead of night, quick-drawing your sword and keeping your balance while on a rain-slick fourth story ledge are related to Dexterity. Shooting ranged weapons and dodging physical attacks are usually done using Dexterity. Pickpockets, sailors, acrobats, and many thieves have high Dexterity.

Overcome Obstacle:Use Dexterity to overcome obstacles that can be circumvented through movement and agility: running, jumping, climbing, swinging on a rope, etc. Create an Advantage:When the advantage involves performing an acrobatic maneuver, like sneakily striking at a pursuer’s feet, or performing some other precision feat, roll Dexterity

Attack: Dexterity is the skill used for making attacks with most ranged weapons.

Defend: Dexterity is the most commonly used skill when defending against physical attacks, whether melee, ranged, or magical.


Constitution is all about your toughness and endurance. Swimming in rough seas, running a long distance, or fighting off the effects of a night spent in your cups are actions you’d resolve with Constitution. Your Constitution score determines the size of your Physical stress track. Soldiers, sailors, thugs, and explorers often have high Constitution.

Overcome Obstacle:Roll Constitution when the obstacle requires endurance and toughness to overcome.

Create an Advantage: Constitution isn’t typically used to create an advantage.

Attack: Constitution isn’t an attack skill.

Defend: Roll Constitution to defend against disease, to ward off the effects of bitter cold or intense heat, and make what is generally thought of as a “Constitution check”.


Intelligence reflects your reasoning, logical ability, memory, and academic knowledge. Deciphering a secret code, scouring a library for information, and detecting a forged document are governed by Intelligence. Intelligence is usually the basis of defending against mental and social attacks. Scholars, mages, merchants, and skilled thieves frequently have high intelligence.

Overcome Obstacle: Use Intelligence to overcome obstacles related to knowledge, logic, or reasoning. Certain magical stunts may allow using Intelligence to overcome obstacles.

Create an Advantage: Clever planning, exploiting a loophole, or leveraging obscure information are all examples of creating advantages with Intelligence. Some magical abilities use Intelligence to create an advantage.

Attack: Intelligence is not generally an attack skill, but some stunts or spells may allow magical attacks using Intelligence.

Defend: Intelligence is often used to defend against magical mental attacks. Some magical abilities may allow you to use Intelligence to defend against physical attacks.


This is a measurement of your willpower, awareness, and basic common sense. Noticing an ambush before it springs, being able to tell when someone’s lying to you, finding shelter in the wilderness are all tasks Wisdom will help you accomplish. Wisdom determines your mental stress. Ship navigators, priests, wilderness scouts, and trade masters often have high Wisdom.

Overcome Obstacle: Use Wisdom to notice things that are hard to notice. Wisdom is also used in Overcome actions related to magical healing abilities.

Create an Advantage: Wisdom can be used to get a feel for a situation or a person and make judgments about them, which can give you access to aspects about them.

Attack: Wisdom is not an attack skill.

Defend: Wisdom defends against attempts to be deceptive. It also defends against some magical attacks, such as illusions. The stunt describing the attack ability will call this out.


Charisma measures your force of personality, your ability to impose your will upon the people and environment around you. Fast talking a merchant, rallying a frightened crew, and casting a spell are things Charisma will help you with; mental attacks, magical or mundane, are generally based on Charisma. Con artists, elected officials, powerful wizards, and ship captains often have high Charisma.

Overcome Obstacle: Persuasion and intimidation are both common uses of Charisma to overcome obstacles. Many magical abilities let you use Charisma for this purpose.

Create an Advantage: Deception and manipulation are great ways to use Charisma to create an advantage.

Attack: You can use Charisma to make mental attacks if your GM allows it, based on your relationship with the target and other circumstances (see the discussion of this in the context of the Provoke skill, in Fate Core Chapter 5). Magical abilities frequently allow you to use Charisma to make attacks.

Defend: Charisma is not generally used to defend.


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