Detect Magic(Divination, Trickster): When you cast Detect Magic, you become aware of all magically-generated situation aspects in your zone.

Charm(Enchantment, Trickster, Persistent): Choose a target in your zone. Make an Overcome action, your Charisma vs. target’s Intelligence. If successful, this allows you to place one of the following aspects on another character:* Easily Influenced, Drowsy, Distracted. You can invoke this once for free, twice if your Overcome action succeeds with style. The same character may not be targeted by this spell more than once in a scene. Depending on its use, this spell might be an infraction.

Disguise(Illusion, Trickster, Persistent): You gain a +2 to any attempt to create an advantage related to disguising a person or item.

Forget(Enchantment, Trickster, Cost, Per Scene, Requires Provoke Emotion and two other enchantment spells or trickster spells): Choose one target in your zone, make an Overcome action (caster’s Charisma vs. target’s Intelligence). If your overcome action succeeds, the target forgets everything that’s happened in this scene up until the action after you cast the spell. Depending on its use, this spell might be an infraction.

Grant Emotion (Enchantment, Trickster, Cost, Persistent, Requires Charm): Cast this spell on a willing target in your zone. That target chooses one of the following benefits:*

  • Courage: May ignore aspects related to fear or despair.
  • Serenity: May ignore aspects related to confusion or anger.

Knock(Transmutation, Trickster, Cost): You can attempt to open a lock. The overcome roll is your charisma +2 vs. the standard difficulty to pick the lock, or the caster’s charisma +2 roll if it’s magically sealed (see spell “Seal” below).

Locate Object (Divination, Trickster, Cost, Persistent, Requires Detect Magicor Detect Impurity): This spell allows you to sense the direction to a well-known object. It can be general (find the nearest fresh water) or specific (find the treasure map those thieves stole from me).

Minor Illusion(Illusion, Trickster, Persistent): You make an overcome roll:* caster’s Charisma +2 vs. observer’s Wisdom. If you succeed, you create a phantom image or sound that one creature in your zone can sense. Choose one of the following aspects:* Distracted,Surprised, Confused. You can invoke this once for free, or twice if your overcome action succeeds with style.

Provoke Emotion(Enchantment, Trickster, Persistent, Requires Charm): Select a target in your zone. Make an Overcome action, your Charisma vs. the target’s Intelligence. If successful, choose an aspect from this list to the target:* Crushing Despair, Crippling Terror, Burning Rage, or devise your own based on a powerful emotion. The aspect may be invoked once for free, twice if you succeed with style. Depending on its use, this spell might be an infraction.

Ill Fortune(Curse, Trickster, Persistent): You can affect the luck of another creature, causing it to suffer all manner of minor misfortunes. You can use Charisma (opposed by the target’s Wisdom) to create an Ill Fortunead vantage against anyone in your zone or an adjacent zone, provided you can see them and they can see you.


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