Worldbuilding Guidelines



For name I’m going to go with literal place names E.G. Farmshire Dwarfhome, or Sharks’ Jaw Bay.


Freeport which is the core of the current game uses them, so why break it. It should, in theory, make things easier.



There are two classes of gods, the old gods, also called the first gods or the true gods, were worshiped by the original races E.G. Snake men or whatever else I think of. I haven’t given this idea too much thought yet. The current gods are ascended mortals.


The original god idea is because Freeport has some and it gives me an out if I want to add Elder gods from Lovecraft later. Regarding ascended mortals, if the Iron Druid is dropping it I’ll pick up the spare.



Druids are the orgional magic users. Having learned the secrets from the first generation of gods. This order grew until about 2,000 years ago until most of the gods were killed or fled. At this point the order split.

The first group thought it was best to further understand arcane power. This group dove into magical power and eventually became wizards.

The second group wished to worship the alien gods who lived in the void between the stars. As these were still of the first generation of gods. This group dispersed and eventually became a network of cults.

The third group chose to work with the remaining true gods like Gaia and Death. This group became the druids of today.

The fourth and final group did not approve of the wizards and cultists and eventually found ways to make themselves immune to magic. This group became the iron druids, a small order of wizard hunting druids.


This is a combination of old ideas and fiction from Freeport. It’s a little clunky and can be worked on.

Worldwide Druid Conspiracy


There is a worldwide fraternity of druids who watch the earth. They are organized by geographical features. The ranks are as follows.

The Great Druid: The worldwide leader of the Druids there is one in the world.

The Arch Druid: Each continent or archipelago has a single Arch Druid.

Grand Druid: Each geographical feature E.G. mountains, plains or a forest has a single Grand druid.

Druid: The leader of a group of druids. These groups are local and organize around a single natural feature e.g. city, grove, oasis.

initiate: Members of the druid federation without rank.

Worldbuilding Guidelines

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