Nicholas Tosgmaa

An orcish bandit on the run from the church and law.


Archetype: Heavy Weapon Fighter
Refresh: 3


  • High Concept : Bandit on the Run
  • Trouble: Untroubled by Life’s complexities.

Ability Scores

Strength: Good (+ 3)
Dexterity: Average (+ 1)
Constitution: Fair (+ 2)
Intelligence: Average (+ 1)
Wisdom: Fair (+ 2)
Charisma: Mediocre (+ 0)


Stunts (One Left)
Menacing Half-Orc(Strength): You may roll Strength rather than Charisma for create an advantage actions dealing with intimidation and causing fear.

Up Close and Personal(Strength): When using Strength you ma yattack all Mooks in the same zone as you.


Armor: Medium
Weapon: A two handed axe with holy script emblazoned on it, see extra

Magic Item

Axe of Sophia

Nick got this Axe off of a traveling convoy of holy men. The axe was held in a chest in the back. Nick claimed it after the loot was split up. It is covered with butterfliers stylized writing.

Aspect: Axe of Vision

Enchanted(Weapon): Sophia is a two handed axe. It was stolen from a traveling holy man. When it deals damaged it deals 4 shifts of damage. Please note this already adds in the 2 shifts from being a two handed weapon.


Abridged History
Nick was a bandit for years. A member of the Blackthorn Company in good standing. For years they poached less traveled trade routs that skirted eleven lands. Life was good until a army of dwarves rideing siege engines.

Nick and the rest of the blackthorn ran and were not followed. They snuck aboard fleeing ships. Nick found himself in Freeport with an axe and empty pockets.

Nicholas Tosgmaa

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