Cure Light Wounds (Healing, Cost): You can close minor cuts and bruises with a touch and promote faster healing. You may touch someone and allow them to clear all of their physical stress.

Cure Moderate Wounds(Healing, Cost, Requires Cure Light Wounds): You can treat more lasting injuries with your healing magic. Touch someone and choose a physical consequence; rename that consequence to indicate that it’s healing and reduce its severity by one level (severe becomes moderate, moderate becomes minor, minor vanishes). A broken leg might become a bad limp, or a wounded arm might become aching muscles. The consequence remains, but it now heals normally from its new slot. In addition, clear all of the recipient’s physical stress. You can’t use this spell on an extreme consequence, and the recipient can’t have two consequences of the same type after you cast this spell (unless they’d otherwise be able to).

Cure Serious Wounds (Healing, Cost, Per Scene, Requires Cure Moderate Wounds): You can make terrible wounds nearly vanish. Touch someone and choose a physical consequence; erase that consequence. In addition, clear all of the recipient’s physical stress. You can’t use this spell on an extreme consequence.

Heal(Healing, Cost, Per Session, Requires Cure Serious Wounds): You can make all but the worst wounds disappear without a trace. Touch someone; all physical stress and consequences on the recipient disappear. This doesn’t affect extreme consequences.

Mass Cure(Healing, Cost (special), Requires three other healing spells): You can extend your healing magic to affect multiple people at once. Provided you are willing and able to pay the cost for each individual you affect, you may use any healing spell (but not any greater healing spell) on multiple targets as a single action. They must all be in the same zone as you, though you need not touch them all if the spell requires you to.

Purify(Healing, Cost): You can neutralize poisons and cure diseases. Touch a creature suffering from a disease or poison represented by a consequence or other aspect. Erase that aspect. This spell doesn’t work on extreme consequences or permanent character aspects (though it does give justification for a player to change a permanent character aspect at the next milestone)

Regeneration(Healing, Cost, Per Scenario, Requires Heal): Your healing magic can restore lost limbs and other body parts and cure lasting conditions. Touch someone with an extreme consequence. That consequence is now a serious consequence instead, and you may rename it to denote healing. When you cast this spell, you also take a moderate mental consequence to represent the fatigue and strain of using healing magic this potent. Both you and the recipient must have the appropriate consequence slot free; otherwise the spell fails.

Resurrection(Healing, Cost, Per Scenario, Requires four other healing spells): You can bring the dead back to life. Touch a corpse that has been dead no more than a week and restore it to life. This spell takes several hours to cast, and if the corpse is missing any vital parts (like the heart or head), it will die again. The recipient can clear all physical stress, but any consequences remain. Death always takes a toll when he lets people out of his realm though. When you restore another being to life, the recipient must rename one of her aspects to represent the debt she now owes to Death. She can work with the GM to determine the particulars, but it must be a heavy price. The aspect remains until the price is paid, at which point the recipient can change the aspect at the next milestone. If you wish, you may pay the price (changing one of your own aspects) in the recipient’s place.

Vigor(Healing, Cost): You can instill a creature with false health, allowing them to ignore the effects of their injuries for a short time. Doing so can be dangerous though. Touch a creature and choose a physical consequence. For the rest of the scene, the recipient may ignore that consequence entirely. However, at the end of the scene it increases in severity to the next highest consequence slot; rename it accordingly. You can’t use this spell on an extreme consequence.


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