Spell Casting Stunts

War Wizard

The War Wizard specializes in overt combat magic, both offensive and defensive. When war wizards throw down, the local architecture is never quite the same again. You gain access to the keywords “evocation” and “abjuration” schools, and you may select two spells from those schools.


The Manipulator isn’t satisfied with the world as it is, and has the means to change it. You gain access to the “transmutation” schools. Select three spells with that keyword.


Seers hold a respectable place in the Wizard’s Guild, even if not everyone fully accepts the validity of the art. Seers gain access to the “divination” school; choose three spells from that school when you select this stunt.


From bards using spectacle to gain fame, to anonymous con men trying to stay that way, a wide variety of people benefit from the subtle magic of tricksters. You gain access to the “trickster” keyword, and may select three spells with that keyword.


Enchanters manipulate the mind, either affecting and altering its perceptions, or outright attacking and damaging it. You gain access to the “enchantment” school, and may select three enchantment spells.


Illusionists have a lot of overlap with tricksters, but focus entirely on illusion magic. You gain access to the “illusion” school, and may select three spells with that keyword.


Necromancers wield the power of death itself, and are rightly feared throughout Freeport and beyond. You gain access to the “necromancy” and “curse” schools, and may select two spells from them. (Warning: Practicing necromancy is a capital offense in Freeport!)

Battle Priest

Battle priests enforce the will of their gods with the sword. They generally use a mix of spells that enhance and heal themselves and their allies. You gain access to the “healing” and “prayer” schools, and may select two spells with those keywords.

Blessed Healer

Blessed healers bring the mercy of their gods to Freeport, providing protection and healing to those that need it. They gain access to the “healing” and “abjuration” schools, and may select two spells with those keywords.


Shamans are intermediaries between this world and the natural, untamed world, and can use that power for knowledge and control. You gain access to the “nature” and “divination” schools, and may select two spells from those schools.


Occultists are rare in Freeport, but some manage to ply their art as fortune tellers and soothsayers. You gain access to the “curse” and “divination” schools, and may select two spells from those schools. Being convicted of cursing another person in Freeport will likely land you at the gallows, so tread carefully!

Accomplished Spellcaster

Select three spells from any schools you have access to, provided you have the prerequisite spells.

Magical Dabbler

Select one spell from any school, even if you do not explicitly have access to that school. You must still meet the spell prerequisite requirements.

Wild Shape

While this isn’t a spellcasting stunt per se, it acts a lot like one, so it’s mentioned here. To take this stunt (or another similar stunt of your own devising), you need to justify it with an aspect that identifies you as the type of spellcaster that would be able to shapechange into a natural animal.

This stunt lets you assume the form of any natural animal. When you’re in your wild shape, your weapons and armor meld into your new form meaning you can’t use them. Your new form lasts for the rest of the scene, or until you dismiss it with a mental command.

Choose one of the forms below. When an entry tells you that your skills change, they change for the purposes of rolling them only; you don’t gain extra stress boxes or consequences unless the
form specifies that you do. No matter what form you assume, your Instincts sometimes get in the way, though they can be helpful too.

• Falcon: Your Strength becomes Mediocre ( +0 ), but your Dexterity becomes Superb ( +5 ). You have Wingsthat allow you to fly and Clawsthat you can snatch and rake with. You also have Keen Eyesightand are Small.

• Wolf: Your Strength and Dexterity are both Good ( +3 ). You have Fangswith which to rend and tear, and you can fight using Pack Tactics. You have Keen Senses, which you can use to track with Wisdom.

• Bear: Your Strength is Superb ( +5 ) and your Constitution is Great ( +4 ). You get two extra physical stress boxes and an extra minor physical consequence; these go away (and might roll up) when you shed this form. You have Claws and Fangs, but you are also Large and Clumsy.

• Mouse: Your Strength is Terrible ( -2 ) but your Dexterity becomes Superb ( +5 ). You are tiny enough to escape notice and fit through very small openings, and Fast enough to get away from trouble quickly

The four forms presented with the Wild Shape spell are not the only forms available. It’s pretty easy to re-skin any of the four forms by changing some of the aspects; a falcon becomes a bat by exchanging its Keen Eyesightfor Echolocation, for example.

You can also make your own forms if the ones presented don’t quite fit. It’s okay for them to be a little on the powerful side; after all, it costs a fate point to assume your wild shape, you can’t use any of your gear or speak, and the powerful forms listed in the spell tend to have drawbacks. The bear is a combat monster, for example, but it’s easy to overextend yourself and wind up hurting pretty bad when you assume your natural form again.

Spell Casting Stunts

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